Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Friday

Well it's Friday, but it seems like a Monday!

First, I forgot about a breakfast meeting with a contractor. I would have totally forgot had it not been for my assistant calling me at 6:40am asking if I forgot. We were going to meet at the office and ride over together. I am glad he was able to make it. He even picked up a goodie bag for me which was labeled 2X and had a hat and t-shirt in it. I pulled the shirt out and it was only an XL, so I gave it to him since thats the size he got in his goddie bag.

So then I get in to the office and sit down and notice that not only did I put on white socks today with my dress shoes, but they are the short runners socks with the Nike swoosh on it. Lovely!!!

I guess the day can only get better from here.


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