Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Teeth be gone

Yesterday I woke up early and got ready for what was to come in a short time. Once I was all ready I woke up Andrew. He was wondering why he was being woke up. I didn't tell him what we were about to do because awhile back when Andrew learned he was going to have 4 teeth pulled he informed me that he did not want to know ahead of time when it was going to happen.

Here is a picture of him when we arrived at the dentist office (still unaware of what was going to happen).

I knew that he was very nervous so he was given "premeds" to help calm his nerves (along with laughing gas). As usually he didn't stop talking through the whole thing. He kept having me take pictures so I could show him what was being done to him.

I held Andrew's hand through the whole thing. So, I got front row seats in seeing the whole process.

Since Andrew was so drugged up he was very comical. I took video of him. He could barely walk and his speech was very slurred. When I was driving him home I heard from the back seat, "Uh oh"...he had fallen over.

He didn't believe us that the funny thing that he is pulling on was his lips. So, he kept biting it really hard and saying it doesn't hurt so it can't be his lips. Well, he ended up giving his bottom right side a fat lip.

Next will be going to the ortho to start Phase 1. Phase 1 will be braces on his top 4 teeth. After that is fixed then he'll start phase 2 (full braces).
He was great during the whole process. :)


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