Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy 1st of November

How was trick or treating for everyone?

Did you get lots of trick or treaters? We didn't get any. But then again we left early to run to friends houses.

Andrew wasn't feeling good yesterday but he didn't want to miss all the fun.Andrew dressed as the dinosaur Raellyn made him. Everyone told me what a nice job I did on his costume. I let everyone know it was not me. :)
Maddie was a princess. And Samantha was a kitty cat (she had long fake eyelashes...she looked very glam).
Jay dressed as a baseball coach.
And I went as myself. I did get my hair colored, maybe I was "glam mom."

Life is back to normal today. School work and play time.

Once Jay downloads the camera...I'll post the picture of the kids in their costumes.
Love to all,


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