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Samantha told me for her birthday cake she wanted a coconut cake. She was going for a Hawaiian theme. So, I did some research and came across a blog that had a beautiful coconut cake. As you can see from my pictures it didn't turn out as beautifully. I had to borrow the round cake pans and I only had 2 to work with (which for me would be enough since my other time I did a layered cake it didn't go well). I put the bottom cake down on a plate and placed the filling on it. Then when I went to get out the top layer out of the cake pan it broke into several pieces. It was messy looking. After it sat in the fridge for all those days (if you read the blog on how to make has to stay in the fridge for 3 days) I went to make the frosting. I didn't have a double boiler so I made one out of two pots (clever, huh?). Then I realized my next biggest obstacle, no hand mixer (I only ever use my kitchen aid). So, I couldn't whisk it fast enough to make soft peaks. When I put the frosting on it just rolled off the cake.

Below is what I quickly whipped out in time for Samantha's friend party at Amazon Pool. I know, it is not a coconut cake but the kids seemed to like it. We saved the coconut cake for us to eat at home.

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