Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner

I did my final shopping today for tomorrows dinner. I ended up calling Jill while I was shopping because I couldn't find "sweet potatoes" at the store and I needed to know if the recipe I'm using of hers really needs sweet potatoes. They do. So, while Andrew is at the gym tonight I will be searching for sweet potatoes.

We are having dinner at my Mom's house. There will 13 of us:
  • 5 of us
  • my Mom
  • Andrew's gymnastic coach & family
  • My Mom's friend, Loretta and Loretta's son, James

I'm in charge of making and bringing:

I think that is everything. I wonder if I'm forgetting something?! If so I'll be driving back across town to get it or we will be without it.

I've made everything on that list above except for the yam/sweet potatoes and the rolls. The rolls are scaring me. I decided to print out the recipe so I could refer to it when I'm making them. IT IS 18 PAGES LONG!!! These are the rolls that Jay is requesting so I'm up for the challenge...I just hope they turn out good.

For Andrew's one coach, Svetlio, tomorrow will mark 1 year he has been in America. He is from Bulgaria. So, this will be his first Thanksgiving dinner. I sure hope we don't disappoint him. :)

15 minutes until Oprah starts! I'm recording it because Hannah Montana is Oprah's guest. Along with the American Girl doll. Yesterday was Oprah's Favorite Thing show. It would be so much fun to be in the audience for that taping.


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