Monday, November 26, 2007

Teeth be gone

Today Maddie had 5 teeth removed. 3 on top and 2 on the bottom. Her teeth were so crowded that her permanent teeth were growing sideways because they had no where to go. So, the dentist pulled her baby teeth to make room.

Maddie had no clue that any of this was happening today. She did not like the medicine she had to drink to relax her.
She told me that while she was laying there it felt like she was on a roller coaster ride (a slow one).

She didn't get dizzy. She was pretty relaxed through the whole thing.
It took 3 hours for the drugs to wear off. When she got home Andrew took her to the bathroom and told her to look in the mirror where Andrew informed Maddie that she had lost her teeth. She was excited to see her teeth gone. Samantha thought it was funny that we didn't tell Maddie that her teeth were being pulled and she didn't even know that they had pulled her teeth. Samantha was at her math class while Andrew and I were at the dentist office with Maddie.
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