Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Friendly Blog Award

I got my first blog award yesterday. This must the week of first for me. :)

Jennifer at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman gave me an award: Friendly site award.
I love Jennifer's blog. She is one of the most creative people I know. She is the Martha Stewart of blogs.

Well, it is never fun to just hold onto an award; it is always better to pay it forward. So, I'm giving this award to a few blogs that I really enjoy reading:
Mrs. Jules at Casa de Jules
Katherine at Raising Five
Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie
Barb at A Chelsea Morning
Beth at A Mom's Life


At 11:22 AM , Anonymous DH said...

All better now!

At 12:19 PM , Blogger Mrs. Jules said...

Don't know if my 1st comment went through, but just wanted to make sure you knew that I just got your comment! Thank you so much for the award, what a surprise! I, too, really enjoy visiting here to see what you are all up to. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and friendliness. :)

At 12:39 PM , Blogger Barb said...

Why, thank you Amy. What a sweet award. Congratulations to you, for receiving it. Very well deserved.

At 1:50 PM , Blogger Katherine@Raising Five said...

Congratulations, Amy! Great job - your site IS very warm and refreshing! And thanks for thinking of me. I feel quite certain we'll meet in person some day...that would make me very happy!


At 4:04 PM , Blogger Org Junkie said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for the lovely award! Did you get a new header? I really like it.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

At 6:02 PM , Blogger jennwa said...

I love you blog new design.
Thanks for your kind words about my blog.

At 11:36 PM , Blogger Emily said...

Ya know what's crazy. The blogosphere seems SO small and yet it's fun to see that I don't know any of those you listed as favs. That gives me new blogs to try. cool.

and as a parent of a former competitive gymnast I really liked your son's video. Only it made me happy to not be doing it. We had psycho coaches, or psycho moms. Either way, it was pretty high pressure. I wonder if the boys are that pressured? He sure seemed happy as a clam, and not pressured.

Now she rock climbs w/ her dad. The flexibility helps. So if you ever need one more activity...


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