Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tag Tales

I noticed that since I didn't blog for a month and half I didn't mention we got a new puppy.

Maddie has been asking for a small dog for years. She always reminds us that Andrew and Samantha both have cats and she doesn't have an animal. She didn't buy into taking one of the animals we already have. Without Maddie knowing it we began to research dogs. Jay grew up with Dachshunds and has always wanted one to be a house dog for our family. In my research I came across English Cream Longhaired Dachshunds. We found a breeder in Portland and arranged to come by and see one puppy in particular.

Andrew and Samantha flew with G'ma to Nebraska/Colorado to visit family. We dropped them off at the airport and then we went to the zoo. This whole time Maddie had no clue what we had up our sleeve. After the zoo we took a drive out to Hillsboro to see the breeder. Maddie fell in love with "Elmo." He was a shy puppy who needed a family to give him the attention he needed.

We took him that day and kept the secret from Samantha and Andrew while they were on their trip. When we pick up the trio from the airport they were shocked when they opened the van door to see a puppy.

Tag fit right into our family. He has two best animal friends.
Yogurt the cat:

Metolius the 90 pound dog:

He loves his daily walks with the big dogs. I think this picture is so funny.

On a recent walk Tag was stung on the chin by a yellow jacket. It was a scary experience for Maddie and I because Tag started screaming and running and Maddie dropped his leash. The big dogs chased him down and stopped him before he got hit by a van.

I had to take him to the vet because he got a pelican neck from the sting. He is on antibiotics in case of infection.
Here is his stats: weighs 8.8 pounds and is 5 months old. He is shedding teeth like crazy. He lost one while at the Vet.'s office. Maddie put it Tag's tooth box (he already lost 2 that she found). Everyone at the vet's office coo-ed over him.

One more picture of Tag. This is how Tag likes to sleep in Jay's chair.


At 8:15 PM , Blogger StephieAnne said...

I love puppies - pretty much dogs in general, but I can't resist puppies. You sure have yourself a cute one!


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