Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday, Andrew

11 years ago Andrew was born on Black Friday! I guess the Thanksgiving dinner the day before did me in. Actually we really didn't do Thanksgiving that year because I was due.
When Andrew was 5 years old his birthday fell on Thanksgiving. Every 11 years his birthday will fall on Thanksgiving. So, you know what that means-> when he is 16 years old his b-day will be Thanksgiving. No driver license on his b-day. hee hee!
Last night he opened his b-day presents because we have a tradition of the kids spend the night on Thanksgiving at G'ma's house so we can go Black Friday first thing in the morning. We actually didn't see Andrew until we picked him from gymnastics this evening.
All of us plus our friend, Cari (who lives up North), went to Nachos for dinner. I'm bummed I had misplaced my camera and didn't get any pictures. It took a couple hours searching for it this evening to find my camera. I had put it in my other jacket before I changed to go get Andrew for dinner.

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At 7:56 AM , Blogger emilyruth said...

hi amy!
it was so fun to hear from you:)
& great to see you yesterday, too!

i was reading your previous posts
& saw that you guys went to see dave ramsey!
we are almost done with our debt snowball
(one student loan to go!)
& we are so happy!
i love listening to his podcast & hope that we will get to go see him when we are done with the snowball...

neat to see your pictures...



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