Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An update on Samantha

Samantha has been such a trooper for us. At class last Monday Samantha's hips hurt so badly that she could barely walk down the stairs. Everyday when she gets up in the morning something different hurts in her body. So, she asked me to call her dr. at Dorenbacher. Last Thursday I talked with her Dr. and he decided the best treatment at this stage is to continue having her taking Aleve 2x a day and to increase her chemo drug up to 6 pills a week. Before this phone call she was weaned down to 1 pill but her normal dosage was 3 pills. Samantha wasn't happy about the increase but she understood it's whats best for her now.

Last Friday night we were in World Market looking around when Maddie came over to her Dad and told him Samantha was on the floor and couldn't get up. Apparently, she had squatted down to look at a toy on a lower shelf and couldn't get up because the pain was too great. Jay had to lift her up. After she was able to get the pain to subside she wanted to keep shopping at VRC. She was still experiencing pain but didn't want to be pushed in a stroller. I suppose no 12 year old wants to be pushed around in a stroller.

On a positive note we will be attending a camp this summer for kids who have JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis). The camp is for the whole family. It is sponsored by The Eagles who put on charity events to raise money for the camp this past year. This camp will be free of charge to the families. Praise the Lord!



At 1:08 PM , Blogger StephieAnne said...

This story sure puts my focus-deprived issues into perspective. Thank you for mentioning the diagnosis as I had been wondering what the main concern was (hearing about chemo drugs had me wondering if it was a a cancer concern). I'll start praying for Samantha.... What a trooper!

At 12:00 AM , Blogger AMY said...

Oh, it makes me ache just thinking about her hips! Yuck. I appreciate all your encouraging smiles in the middle of dealing this stuff.

Em asked about Maddie today. Up for a playdate next week?

At 7:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure will be praying for Smantha and you and Jay.

At 11:36 AM , Blogger Gombojav Tribe said...

Amy, I have not been to your blog in a while! I lost my list of blog links and then didn't get them all properly added back on! I'm sorry!

I'll tell Gana about Samantha and we'll be praying!

At 4:41 AM , Blogger Irreverent said...

Maybe look into a scooter for her... they make them really foldable these days... she might not be as embarrassed if it was 'her' scooter... if cost is an issue, you might put out a request on FreeCycle... people often want to help out when someone is in need...

At 9:28 AM , Blogger Green Apple said...

sam is SO BRAVE D:


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