Monday, August 13, 2007

Fun with bikes

A couple of weeks ago we rented these 2 bikes for an hour. We rode them around Alton Baker Park. Several times through out the ride we had to switch bikes to find the right combo (kids and adults). Jay was scaring me with his fast pedaling and quick steering. At one point it was the 4 of us girls on the big bike .... Samantha and Maddie spent the whole time screaming at my Mom and me. They thought we were going to fast and they hated the ride with us.

Maddie didn't want to look when we crossed the bridge (it was pretty high up). She didn't want to see the water below.

This was a bad combo. So, we found that the best combo was my mom and I on the 2-seater bike and Jay with the kids on the 4-seater bike.
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