Monday, October 29, 2007

Duck Football

Saturday Jay and I went to the game. We arrived 30 minutes before kick off because we got front row parking (parking pass).

It was a big game because it was the first time in Duck History that 2 teams ranked 10 or higher had played at Autzen stadium.

We froze during the game because we were in the shade with a breeze. The other half of the stadium was in the sunshine. The announcer said that the shade side was 45 degrees and the sunny side was 70 degrees.

It was a great game. The ducks won. This Saturday is another BIG game. I think Ducks and the other team are both ranked 5 or higher.
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At 8:20 AM , Anonymous ellen b said...

Thank you so much for whooping USC! That's our favorite team to see beaten...


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