Thursday, November 29, 2007

We need a new sign in the gym- No guns!

Tonight while Andrew was having his gym practice and Maddie's tumbling was ending a young man (20's) entered the gym. He was dressed like an old cow poke. On his hip was a long pistol and around his mid section he was toting belts full of bullets. He walked up to me and one of the other gym moms and asked us some question. We couldn't understand him so he said it again and then walked past us. Our eyes got big when we realized he was carrying a gun.

That mom jumped up and quickly got on her cell phone to the police. At this time he walks towards another group of people. He tells them he is looking for Tiffany. No one knows who Tiffany is... so, the one Mom walks him outside towards the other gym building.

You may be wondering where Jay is while all this is going on....he is sitting at the desk working on the computer for the coaches. So, he has no clue anything is going. I run outside to get something out of the van (it is after 8 pm). Right outside the door is the "cowboy" guy on his cell phone. I hesitated and then ran to the van to grab something and then headed back towards the gym. At this point the head coach was right there....and the "cowboy" was trying to re-enter the gym. The coach stopped him and asked him what he wanted. And he wanted to talk to the Supervisor. He told him that he was the supervisor. I slip inside to get out of the way.

The Coach comes back inside and tells us to stay inside and to get away from the doors. The police and k-9 unit were on their way. The Coach says now he will have to make a new sign for the door "No Guns!" We all laughed so hard. He has a sign on the door that says "No food."

So, around 8:30 pm we were able to leave. The police had him handcuff and "Tiffany" was in the parking lot. Maddie's tumbling class is actually all highschool girls except for Maddie and one other little girl. The girls are either high school cheerleaders or cheerleader wanna-a-be's. Tiffany hasn't come for almost a month now. So, I don't know what happened if she was skipping out on the class or what. But Cowboy was acting weird and seeming a little on the crazy side. I guess the police thought he seemed off also.

The police had him handcuff right by my van. I hurry and get in the van and I'm trying to open the slider doors for the girls to get in. But they won't open and another police car pulls up and wants to park right next to, the girls have to jump through the passenger door. I start to drive away and the van is beeping at me because the doors are "open". I call Jay who has just pulled out of the parking lot. He turns around and comes back. He figures out what the problem is: the doors are frozen shut. He fixes the problem for us and out of the parking lot we go.

Never a dull moment in our household. Luckily we are all fine. The kids were a little shaken up about the whole thing but they are fine.


At 9:04 AM , Blogger jennwa said...

Wow ! That sounded scary.
I thought it was already a law that you could not bring firearms to school. It is stupid that you have to post a sign for people to know it is not a good idea to bring guns to school.


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