Thursday, January 17, 2008

Know & Tell Friday 1-17-08

To Know Him does a weekly Know & Tell Friday. I'm joining in on the fun this week. Below are the questions she has asked and I have answered. :)

Question 1
Which is worse? Being gossiped about or being lied to?
Both of these deal with betrayal. And either way both are hard to imagine anyone doing that to you. But if I had to pick one I guess being gossiped about because gossip is like the Veggie Tale movie- A Rumor Weed. And once it starts it keeps spreading and growing.

Question 2
I see that a lot of ladies out there in blogville are "Starbucks" gals... What is your favorite "Starbucks" drink?
I'm not a Starbuck fan. I don't like coffee but if I get something to drink there I always get a soy hot chocolate (lactose intolerant).

Question 3
Name an embarrassing moment (Make it good).
We went camping with a group of geocachers. And we really don't know any of these people. I had decided to take our big dog for a run. I jumped on my bike and started riding with her running alongside me. I had to ride in front of a group of geocacher guys. They were all watching me and the next thing I know I was pulled off the bike and laying on the ground. The dog had decided to stop and take a poo. But I was so self-conscious as I rode my bike in front of these guys that I stopped paying attention to the dog running next to me. I was so humiliated as the dog relieved herself in front of these guys as I picked up myself and the bike off the ground. Then the guys started heckling me by saying- "make sure you clean that up". I was wishing the ground would open up and swallow me up. I do have to say after that weekend we all became friends and have stayed friends for the last 5 years. They all like to bring up this embarrassing moment to whenever they see me (we live a couple hours away from most of them).

Question 4
I figure that most of us ladies out there are bargain shoppers and that we find ways to save money, but what is one thing that you don't mind spending your bucks on?
I won't skimp on buying brand name of Very Vanilla soy milk or Chocolate soy milk. I always buy Silk. That is my little splurge.

Bonus Questions
Question 5
Is it hard for you to ask some to forgive you when you have wronged them?
Yes, because I have to admit that I was wrong. Being an only child I don't like being wrong or told that I'm wrong. So, I need to work on this area.

Give one of your best parenting tips...something that you have learned through experience.
When the kids were toddlers I had a color for each kid. Samantha always had purple or pink blankies or cups. Andrew always had blue or green blankies or cups. Maddie always had yellow. Since the cups and blankies all looked the same this cut down on fighting and crying over blankies and cups.


At 5:14 AM , Blogger Toknowhim said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today... I feel your pain about the bike incident. What is a geocacher?
Your parenting tip is great... I wish I had done that when my kiddies were little :) Come back and visit!!!

At 5:40 AM , Blogger jennwa said...

That was an embarrassing moment but at least it looked like it turned out O.K.
Great tip on the color cups and blankets.
This looks like fun I may have to try it.
Have a great day.

At 12:38 PM , Blogger Leigh said...

HI! I loved your answers. The dog one made me laugh too. The color coded kids is a great suggestion that I will pass onto my sister in laws who both have young ones.
I am a geocashier too! My fmaily loves doing this. We have been out of season for the last few months, going to start it back up. My kids have been begging me. It is an awesome fmaily activity. I have posted abou tit.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE getting feedback comments. I hope you will again. I plan to stop by yours! Great job!

At 12:54 PM , Anonymous Barbara H. said...

I'm lactose intolerant, too, but I haven't tried any soy based products. I didn't know Starbucks sold them.

That's a good idea about each child having their own colored items.

At 10:05 PM , Blogger Lana G! said...

Will have to share the colored cup idea with my SILs!

The bike story had me giggling!

At 11:49 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Great Know & Tell this week! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jennifer :-)

At 5:31 PM , Blogger L said...

I loved your answers...especially the dog one!!! *L*
Have a great week!!
Lisa in TN


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