Saturday, May 19, 2007

Maddie's birthday

Maddie is now 8 years old! She had her birthday party at Roaring Rapids pizza. She wanted it there because they have a carousel. We had 16 kids at her party. The picture below doesn't show all the kids (oops).
We did a raffle and the kids each got to pick their prize (an Easter egg filled with quarters to play the video games). We also had a pinata that had "pull strings". Jay and I had no clue what that meant so we got the bat out and let Maddie smack the pinata. Which wasn't what you were suppose to do (was suppose to pull the strings at the bottom....the new non-violent version). So, Maddie's first swing busted the pinata open. Learn something new everyday! We got a good laugh out of our mistake when one of the parents pointed out our mistake.

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