Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yard work

The front yard looks a lot different. Jay took out the railroad ties that were used to make a retaining wall along the sidewalk. This involved hooking chains up to the ties and yanking it out with his truck. Then he began to rip the bushes out the same way. Last night he got all the things gone (now it is just a pile of dirt out there where we once had a retaining wall and bushes). The weirdest part is it really opened up our yard. I can now see the neighbors house, all the way down the side street and our mailbox. Our privacy is gone. It is taking some getting use to because for 6 years those bushes really added a hedge of privacy. At certain times the bushes were taller than me. The hardest thing was when we had the bushes -> not being able to see if people were walking down the street when you were backing up the van. Jay felt it was getting too dangerous with those bushes blocking the view.

I can't show you pictures because Samantha has my camera in Colorado/Nebraska. I thought Jay took before pictures but I can't find them.


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