Tuesday, June 19, 2007

He & Me event (Girl Scouts)

This Saturday was our second annual He & Me Event! Each girl invited her favorite "he." Maddie brought Jay and Samantha brought Art. The girls spent 2 hours playing games and eating with their favorite guy.
The first game we played was a relay race. The girls went down and back on a "hippety hop ball" and the guys went down and back with a tennis ball between their knees. It was very entertaining to watching all the dads trying to hop or run down and back.

After that relay race we at a BBQ lunch. It was just as yummy as last years BBQ (chicken, potato salad, chips, baked beans). Of course I made my rootbeer floats for everyone. Then we played Bingo while we let our food settle. Everyone won a prize. Once everyone won a prize we went to our next "active" game which was Rock/Paper/Scissors.
2 teams (as a team you decide what you are going throw)
Face off 2 x 2 and chant (whole team throws the same symbol)
The team that throws the winning symbols chases the other team (tagging as many player as they can before the other team reaches their free zone)
If tagged they join that team
At one point Savannah (the little girl in the blue jacket) was on a team all by herself because she was so quick. Then we put the guys against the girls.

Our next game was called Fox & Squirrel. It was an okay game. Some really liked it and others thought it was just okay.
2 med size balls (alike) and 1 small ball
Form a circle
Object of the game is for the foxes to catch the squirrel by tagging whoever is holding the squirrel ball with one (or both) of the fox balls
Pass the fox balls (after practice)
Add the squirrel balls
Foxes can only pass to the player next to you
Squirrels are slick they can leap (throw across the circle)
To keep everyone alert you must call out “Fox” or “Squirrel” each time you pass the balls

For our last game we played- The Blob
Tag…starts out with one tagger.
Once tagged you join hands
Only outside hands (free hands) can tag someone
Until everyone is tagged
It was a lot of fun to watch but the dad's are too competitive so we will probably not play that one next year. Some of the girls were getting their arms pulled and yanked around.

It was a great day! My co-leader and I got lots of compliments for all the hard work we put into the event. We had a lot of fun watching the "dads" act like kids. They all were good sports and played along. Some of the guys did say they would have to go home and take some advil and a nap after all the running and falling they did. hee hee!
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At 7:40 AM , Blogger Hollie said...

Oh Oh, you have to come host the games at our 4th Party! We do a three legged race and a sack race, but oh oh, your games seem like so much fun!


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