Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Graduating from Sunday School

This past Sunday Samantha graduated from Sunday School. There were only 4 girls in her class this year. Each girl memorized memory verses and made a book that contained stories from the bible. It is a very fancy book with pieces that move and it is very colorful.

The graduation lasted about an hour. Each girl took a turn getting up and showing us their books. You could tell that the girls put a lot of time and energy into their books.

We are very proud of Samantha and can't believe that she is being moved into the middle school program. Time sure flies. When we started at EBF (Emerald Bible Fellowship) I was pregnant with Samantha and I couldn't picture my child old enough to be a middle schooler. I'm still not sure how time snuck up on me like that but I wish I could stop the clock for awhile and just keep all three kids little for a little longer.

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