Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm still working on decluttering and organizing the house. It took me a week to do the school room. That was an overwhelming project. I finished it on Saturday and now that room looks so much bigger. I'm sure there is more organizing and decluttering that can be done in there but for now I'm done with that room. I might try working on it again towards the end of the summer to make sure I have everything ready for the next school year.

Samantha and Andrew had there state testing this past month. The state of Oregon requires homeschooling students to be tested by the state at 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 10th grade. Both kids did great! It is a relief to have that over with.

I do need to help the kids organize their desk. When I was working on the school room I filled our recycle can and my Mom's also with stuff that needed to be recycled- such as old workbooks and papers.

I organized the hall closest yesterday. I put all the hair stuff together and labeled the area it is suppose to be returned to. Hopefully the girl's will find that helpful. Above that shelf are the towel shelves. I rolled the towels and made one shelf with the towels for the shower and the other shelf for the swim towels. Everyday Andrew has gym class the kids get to swim in the outdoor pool after practice. So, hopefully this will make it easier for them to pick a towel.

I also got rid of most of their kid plates. They mostly use our plates anyway. I switched shelves for the bowls and plates. That way the kids can reach the bowls when they are eating their breakfast.

Currently that leaves my bedroom and closest as the biggest eye sore. Now, if I could just get motivated to clean it. My closest has become the biggest catch all. Some days I'm scared to open it because something might fall out and injure me.

One foot in front of steps! hee hee!


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