Monday, September 10, 2007

1st field trip-> OMSI

Our first field trip for school this year was a trip to OMSI in Portland. This field trip happened a couple weeks before school started because I knew with my surgery I might not be up to going at a later date. It was the first time the kids remember going (last time we went Maddie might not of been born). I mailed out a photo postcard with all three kids wearing their "chemistry goggles", hopefully the family got it. That picture was taken in the Chemistry lab portion of OMSI. There was so much to see and do that we need to go back a few more time so the kids can finish doing all the fun stuff there. My favorite part was the Physics lab where you could play around with making static. Jay tried to get my hair to stand on end but I think I had too much hairspray in to make it work correctly.

Even though this picture was taken in August did you notice the Oregon sunshine (cloudy and drizzling)? It has been a wet summer. I sure hope that we have a nice Fall. Yesterday it was close to 90 degrees.
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