Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend in-review

Friday was haircut day. Andrew has to get his hair cut every 6 weeks because it grows so much and then it begins to look like a puffy ball on his head. I wanted him to get a high and tight and Andrew told Kim (hairdresser) to give him a military cut. We've never done that before because we don't like the look but I usually let the kids do what they want in regards to hair cuts. He was shocked when she was done because he thought that would give him a flat top. Maddie let him know several times that she hates his hair. It will grow!

Jay, Andrew and I spent the weekend in Portland (girls at G'ma's house) so we could go to Andrew's gym meet. It was his first meet of the season. And his first meet as a level 6.

The next two pictures are us a TGIF's waiting for our food before the meet. Jay and Andrew are doing their Blue Man look.


He was the only one in his age division for his level. He is competing in the 8 to 9 age division (determined by your by age on Sept. 1st). The next age division had a lot more boys in it (10 to 11 age group). So, he took 1st place on everything. So, he got a gold medal for getting first place All Around. His coach is "admiring" his medal! :)
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