Monday, September 10, 2007

Eugene Celebration

Saturday was the Eugene Celebration. The girls walked in the parade with the Girl Scouts. Since Eugene is such a liberal town Andrew and I had to talk about what some of the parade entries meant and if we agreed with their beliefs. Some of the stuff upset him such as the people who were against our President. I think he thought that was very unAmerican.
Samantha is dressed as a Girl Scout cookie. She said some people asked her if she was "sponge bob."
We went to kid zone later in the day and got our picture taken with the Duck. Some of you might of seen on the news last weeks the football game where the Duck mascot was not showing very good conDUCKt when he beat up the Cougar at our home game. If you haven't...there are youtube videos. I won't post it here since the kids read the blog.

Samantha and the Fighting Duck!!
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At 8:26 AM , Blogger SAHMmy Says said...

It's hard explaining people's beliefs that are different from your own! I want to teach my kiddos to stand up for what they believe without being rude, but can't bring myself to embrace the PC "do what you like and nobody is allowed to say you're wrong" culture!


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