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I'm a co-leader for our Service Unit (manage all the Girl Scout leader for our area). I organized a service project for our Service Unit. We are going into a low income assisted living home to sing Christmas carols and pass out boxes that the girls in the troops have filled with items that picked out to put in the shoe boxes.

Below are 4 boxes our troop is delivering. We got 2 couples (husband/wife).

Samantha did all the wrapping. The heart shaped packages are actually hearts (one is red feathered and the other is red sequence door decorations). We noticed at the assisted living that the residence like to decorate their doors.

I'm including the letter I gave to the leaders in case someone who reads this blog decides they want to take on a project like this....
December 15th: Adopt a Grandparent

Service Unit 610 will be visiting __________ to sing Christmas Carols, distribute gift boxes and spread some holiday cheer to the residents.

________ is a low-income residence located at__________. We will be meeting there at _______ on Saturday, December 15th. Parking is available in the front parking lot. Please try to arrive no later than _______ as we will be starting our caroling down the halls and passing out the gift boxes at that time.

We will distribute a total of 38 gift boxes. The Service Unit will be providing several items (pens, microwave popcorn, cookies, nuts, note pad, ornament, hot cocoa, and Kleenex) to include in your box at the November 1st meeting. It would be nice if each girl could add a few additional small gifts. Most residents at _________ are on fixed incomes and live on a tight budget.

Here are a few ideas for gift items your Scout may want to include:
(large print) word find/crossword puzzles
postage stamps
a nice pen
hand soap
a warm throw
books or magazines (large print where possible)

We also suggest that each Scout write a short note to the gift recipient. You can simply wish them a Happy Holiday season, or better yet, tell them a little about your school or Troop. You could even include a picture of yourself (please sign with your first name only).
We hope to make this an annual service project for Service Unit 610. Our hope is to make the residents at Grace Manor’s holidays a little brighter and a little less lonely. Thank you for helping to make this such a special event.

I started organizing this project at the beginning of October. I had to have the starter kits ready for our Dec. 1st meeting. I got most of the stuff at Costco. The ornaments I got at the Dollar tree.

The assisted living director sent me a list of all their residents gender and their room number. He wouldn't give me their name. So, I got something that looked like this:

Room 1

Then the leaders will write the room number and gender on each box. So, it will make it easier when we go door to door passing out boxes.

I sure hopes this goes off as well as I have envisioned it in my head.
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At 3:15 AM , Blogger jennwa said...

That sounds like a great project, I am sure those people will really appreciate it.


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