Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More about Bronze

The last post I showed some pictures of the Bronze Project.

Here are some pictures of the decorated boxes before they are filled.

A side view.

Each girl (Samantha, Sami and Michelle) had to do atleast 15 hours on this project. Samantha ended up doing 19 hours on this project. Each girl had an area that they worked on and Samantha's was the boxes. She colored a lot of the pictures but had the help the from her "team mates" and her Girl Scout troop. They covered all 4 sides of each box with pictures. They colored 20 boxes.

We got some feed back about the boxes: one family was so surprised that the girls took the time to decorate the boxes that it touched them so much it made them cry.

The whole project was a huge success. The girls were able to brighten some families who may not of been able to afford a Thanksgiving meal. It was neat to watch the girls do this project.

Picasa only allows 4 pictures at a time. So, I'll search through my pictures if I find some more I'll post them.
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