Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bronze Award

Samantha, Sami, and Michelle worked together as a team to earn their Bronze Award. The Bronze Award is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. They have to earn a bunch of other things before they can even begin to work on a Bronze project. These three girls have been working on their requirements for the last 2 years so they could start their project. Once they got all the requirements done then they came up with an idea and submitted it to the Girl Scout council for approval.

The girls named their project: A Box of Blessings. They did this project within the church. They collected food, decorated boxes, made a Thanksgiving recipe book, made center pieces, filled the boxes and delivered some of them on Sunday and Monday before Thanksgiving. This project provided food for families who may not have the budget for a Thanksgiving meal. The girls were able to provide meals for 11 families with Thanksgiving dinner.

Here is a picture of the girls shopping at the grocery store buying items for Thanksgiving that weren't donated.

Here is a picture of one of the boxes filled with all the stuff for a Thanksgiving meal.

Here is a picture of all the boxes at the church. These boxes are filled and waiting to be picked up or delivered.

Here is Samantha getting a box out of the back of my van to deliver to one of the houses. It was raining on the girls as they were trying to get the boxes to the front doors.
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At 6:41 AM , Blogger Emily said...

This is a really neat idea! Good job to Samantha too! I might have to think of ways I could adapt something like that for my Wednesday night kid's class!


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