Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day weekend

Saturday afternoon we started purging from the garage. I can not believe how much stuff we got rid of and the garage still looked full.

Sunday we got and started bright and early. We took 2 breaks yesterday (one for lunch and one for dinner). We went to dinner with friends from Portland (Kiwis) and my Mom. And then we found 2 quick caches (it is our 5 year caching annivesary this weekend). Afterwards we went back to work on the garage.

Hopefully today we can finish the project and be able to find stuff.

I got motivated to "organize" the garage after picking up a book at the library- Restoring Order by Vicki Norris. I noticed she had a website.

I watched the segments on garages and felt motivated to add order to chaos.
Now, if only she lived closer than Portland to us I would have her come help me. :)


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