Sunday, February 24, 2008

My prize arrived!!!

I'm behind in blogging. sorry

My awesome prize box arrived. Remember my post about winning?

I've had so much fun reading through everything. So, much info to grasp. But I really need it.


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I took pictures of all the cool things in the box but I can't show you all of them because Piscasa only lets me do three photos per blog post.

I've been reading through the mini booklets, I've been going through the 52 meal recipes CD, I've been reading the magazines and so on..... For anyone who wants practical ideas this box was filled with them.


At 11:39 AM , Blogger geodiva said...

YAY! so fun amy!!! you'll have to share some of the delicious recipes from the recipes CD.

At 6:14 PM , Blogger jennwa said...

That looked like a great prize box.

At 2:23 PM , Blogger Beth said...

What an awesome prize box! Almost like Christmas morning!

At 2:39 PM , Blogger Mrs. Jules said...

How fun for you! And then to top it off with some Ghiradelli, too. ;)

At 2:35 PM , Blogger Barb said...

What a nice package - I'd be pretty excited about that too. Lucky you.

I'm dropping in to apologize for taking so long to answer the question you asked me and let you know that I finally got it done today. Sheesh. Only took me a month to finish all of them. LOL

At 2:52 PM , Blogger forgetfulone said...

Lucky you! I need to go read your post about winning. That's a great prize box.


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