Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maddie's b-day part 1

Last month Maddie celebrated her 9th b-day. This year we decided that for all three kids b-days we would only have one friend birthday party. We are renting the big outdoor pool and the kids have invited all their friends.

On Maddie's birthday we went to lunch. G'ma and Jay met us at Red Robin. Maddie opened her family presents. She is showing off her ring and bracelet from G'ma Betty.

At Red Robin they bring you a sundae and sing ~Happy Birthday~! Maddie enjoyed all the attention.

Maddie had saved room for her sundae.
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It was record breaking temperatures on her b-day (100 degrees). Hard to believe it was ever that hot since today it is cloudy and raining and in the low 60's.


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