Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Saturday Night's camp fire

I didn't make it to Friday nights camp fire because I was cleaning up the mess from the paper making. But I did attend Saturday night's camp fire.

Here is a shot of the "amphitheater" fire pit. Melinda is explaining the rules around the campfire (no running, etc).

I hosted the singing contest. It is where each troop gets up and sings a Girl Scout song. The rule is no other troop can use that song or they are eliminated. After 48 songs no one had been eliminated and we were ready for s'mores so we ended with everyone being "winners!"
This is Samantha's (far left) troop doing the "I'm Bring Home a Baby Bumblebee."

The fire was HOT! Maddie can hardly roast her marshmallow because of the heat.


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At 12:50 PM , Blogger Zoe said...

Thanks for posting your story. I love it! I think I've had a few of those "irrational" rational moments myself.

Hormones-You can't live with them and wouldn't be a woman without them.

P.S. Your camporee looks like a ton of fun!!

At 3:21 AM , Blogger geodiva said...

You have gorgeous girls, Amy!!!


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