Friday, May 09, 2008

Community Service

Our Service Unit did another community service project at Grace Manor. Our other project we did there was Christmas boxes.

This time we decorated place mats and used the paper we made at the camporee for creating cards. Then we put colorful flower pots on each table.


Each girl brought her own lunch and joined the residents at their table to eat lunch and chat. Samantha and Michelle sat at a table with a lady who was blind and not very happy. Samantha asked her what her favorite food is and she thought Samantha said "what is your favorite mood?" The lady replied very loudly that her favorite mood is - angry. hee hee! It was a good learning experience for the girls.

After lunch we went to their craft room where we did crafts with them. We hung this door hanger on the craft door so the girls would have a visual of what they were going to make to leave for the residents.

This whole project was inspired by Jenn. Thank you for your inspiration. The residents loved them and the girls had fun making them.

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If you click on the picture you'll notice some of the girls made tulips also.


At 5:52 AM , Blogger david santos said...

Excellent post.
Thank you.
Have a nice weekend

At 5:56 AM , Blogger jennwa said...

Those are great. That is such a great thing you guys are doing. I am glad I could have a tiny part in it.


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