Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maddie's b-day part 4

Last of the Maddie's b-day series.

We went to dinner with friends the next day.

Tori and Maddie have become good friends. Too bad they don't live closer.


Our 6 kids all together! Can you believe Samantha is the oldest of the bunch?
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At 5:56 PM , Blogger Mrs. Jules said...

It's a busy time of year! So glad to see you come by. Can't believe it was 100 degrees in your area! I'm glad your daughter had such a wonderful birthday and that you enjoyed Mother's Day. Love scrambled eggs for breakfast...delish!

At 12:26 AM , Anonymous Lynn said...

We had a great time at Maddie's BD dinner. Looking forward to the BIG PARTY!
Jarett looks humungeous!


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