Friday, August 31, 2007


Samantha took this minutes before I left to have my tooth pulled.
No after pictures just yet.
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The tooth fairy came to visit me

I got visited by the tooth fairy. When I got up this morning I was greeted with this note and money under my pillow. I never thought the tooth fairy would have any reason to visit me since I'm no longer a kid who is losing my teeth. Or am I?

Okay, I haven't really talked about this because I've had a miserable summer. In April I started getting TMJ on my left side. I would wake up with a sore jaw from grinding my teeth during the night. From April on I would go into the dentist and explain how much pain I was in and how I needed help. After 7 x-rays they couldn't find anything wrong with my teeth. So, after a really bad episode where I couldn't get out of bed for several days the dentist brought me in and numbed my mouth so I could function again. Then he called the Endonosist and got me in the next day. The Endonosist was baffled by my intense pain and was getting ready to send me home when we he tried one more x-ray of my teeth (he took one at the beginning of the appointment). On that x-ray he found a crack in my tooth (it is hard to find cracks in teeth). So, that was my answer to my pain.

He scheduled to do a root canal but explained that if the tooth was too cracked he would stop and I would have to have the tooth pulled. :( So, I went in for my root canal. I was in a lot of pain so I was ready for some relief but during the root canal the Dr. found out that my tooth was cracked in more than one place and wasn't savable. So, he patched the tooth up and sent me home. At this point I had been on pain killers since Spring time and it was depressing knowing I was going to have to be on them longer. My Dentist called and scheduled my extraction with the Oral Surgeon. That happened yesterday. My Mom was a saint because she watched the kids while Jay took me in. She came over today and took Andrew to the gym and stayed with me all day helping me.

For my tooth extraction I had the Oral Surgeon put me under. Jay got to stay with me prior to them putting me out. He took pictures and blogged them from his cell phone. He put the pictures on the website he set up. Check it out.

Currently I look like someone slapped my cheek (it is red). Besides that I'm doing fine. I'm hoping to get a dental implant. The Dr. told me that I will come back in 3 months and they will put the implant in (drill a screw into my check bone) and then in 4 months after that they will put a cap on the implant. So, I will be 7 months without a tooth. Luckily it is my 2nd to the last tooth on my top left. It is hard to tell I'm missing a tooth.

Alright, there is my news.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WFMW- Vegetable Peeler

This week for my Works-for-me-Wednesday I'm going to talk about a Vegetable Peeler that my G'ma bought me while she was visiting in April.

I love this vegetable peeler. To see the other side of this vegetable peeler and also see Samantha (my oldest) using it to make dinner go to this post. I have to say this vegetable peeler makes me want to peel potatoes. I go to Costco and buy those HUGE potatoes just so I can peel them. It is like Tom Sawyer factor...the kids see me having fun peeling potatoes and then they want to peel potatoes.

To find more helpful tips like this one visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer.



Tuesday, August 14, 2007

4 years this month

Amy had asked me how we got started geocaching which made me look for the link to the article about us geocaching.

It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since our newspaper article came out.

We have become more "event" cachers as our children have gotten older and consume more of our free time.

I don't know if the picture on that link still works or not...I hope not because they got our behinds climbing over a log to get to a cache.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thursday 8-9-07

Last Thursday Samantha had her Dr. Borzy appointment. The hospital now has a sky ride to help cut down on all the parking at the hospital (it is on a hill). Samantha wouldn't ride it. I don't blame her...that would scare me also.

That evening was the middle school camping trip. Jay drove Samantha to Florence after her appointment. They had a good time on the camping trip. They came home all sandy from all the beach playing they did.
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Fence Painting

On a nice August evening the kids started painting the fence. We still just have dirt for a yard. We are waiting until the Fall to plant grass. In the meantime we wanted to get the fence done. The kids put the first coat of paint on the front and back of the fence. The other day Jay put the 2nd layer on. It turned out looking really nice. I can't wait to see it once the lawn is done. We are hoping to plant Lavender plants along the fence.

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Fun with bikes

A couple of weeks ago we rented these 2 bikes for an hour. We rode them around Alton Baker Park. Several times through out the ride we had to switch bikes to find the right combo (kids and adults). Jay was scaring me with his fast pedaling and quick steering. At one point it was the 4 of us girls on the big bike .... Samantha and Maddie spent the whole time screaming at my Mom and me. They thought we were going to fast and they hated the ride with us.

Maddie didn't want to look when we crossed the bridge (it was pretty high up). She didn't want to see the water below.

This was a bad combo. So, we found that the best combo was my mom and I on the 2-seater bike and Jay with the kids on the 4-seater bike.
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