Thursday, September 13, 2007

Carbon Dioxide

In science we have been learning about water. The kids had been studying about the 3 states of water (liquid, solid and gas). Their science book had an experiment making carbon dioxide and putting out fire.

The kids put baking soda in a cup and poured vinegar over the top of the baking soda. Then they put a piece of cardboard over their cup and waited a minute and half for the solution to mix and make the gas, carbon dioxide. Once 90 seconds was done they took the cardboard off and put a match into the cup. The carbon dioxide put out the fire.

They thought that was very cool to watch the match barely be put into the cup and then go out once the gas came into contact with the fire. The more they tried the deeper they had to reach their hands into the cup because the gas was escaping from their cups. In there science book it talked about how gas changes shape and size (it will fill the area in which it is in).

They like doing experiments better they "learning" from the text book. But don't we all?
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At 2:34 PM , Blogger Emily said...

okay, your blog just made me homesick. I can't believe the number of posts that I looked at and went....I've been there!

Like the Wildlife Safari-check
Portland and Eugene-check

So cool to run into another NW'er.


At 9:54 PM , Blogger Tam said...

Hey commented on my blog today and I just wanted to say I really appreciate you sharing. I actually have some amazing things to share with all the commenter's but will have to do it by email - you'll understand why when you get it - but it's amazing!

Also, I live in Central Point. My in laws are in Eugene right now. Actually just for a couple more weeks. My father in law is the Senior Pastor at Fist Baptist Church and is retiring. They are moving down here. So rare to run into a blogger that is so close. And....GO DUCKS!!!! What a game today!

At 5:24 PM , Blogger Tam said...

Amy, I need to email you something regarding my "Unbelief" post. It's pretty exciting. Could you email me so i can send this to you?

Thanks! Tam


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