Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birthday Boy

Friday the 11th was Jay's birthday.

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We had dinner at Red Robin with part of Samantha's Girl Scout troop. Jay got trumped by scouts. 6 girls in Samantha's troop got the Bronze Award. So, we took them to dinner first and then to the award ceremony afterwards.

White Stuff

We woke up this morning to SNOW!! How crazy is that? We rarely get snow and last Saturday it was in the 80's.
The weather guy had been saying that we might get snow this weekend. We got a few seconds of flakes during the day time yesterday but that was about it.

front yard

back yard
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

WFMW- testing egg freshness

If you need to know if an egg sitting in your fridge is still fresh then I have the answer for you! This works well also if you buy farm fresh eggs because there is no "date" marked on the cartoon for how long the egg is fresh for.

1st- fill a cup with cold water.

2nd- place the egg in the cup and if it floats then it is no good. Throw it out. Otherwise if the egg sits on the bottom of the glass then it is fine to go.
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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Maddie and Thumper

On Monday I swung by Tara's house to pick up some cereal. She had just gotten a new bunny last week.

I only had Maddie with me when I stopped by. Here are two pictures of Maddie and Thumper.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WFMW- ReRun (Wrapping Paper)

This week for Works for Me Wednesday Shannon is having us do a Greatest Hits Edition. From our own archives we can re-run one of our favorite of your own WFMWs. I picked a popular one I did right after Christmas.

Here it is again in all its glory!
It is Works for Me Wednesday again and I'm going to show you how to keep your wrapping paper from getting ruined when you put away for next year.


Take an old pair of nylons or tights. Cut the leg off and put the wrapping paper in the leg hole. Then just tie a knot at the top. No more getting out your Christmas wrapping paper and finding it all wrinkled and ruined.

I used my girls old tights for this project.

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Do the Conga

Last week was Spring break. On Monday Jay came home from work early injuried. His work occasionally does a Boot Camp workout class. During this particular class Jay did something to his back. He could barely walk.

Below are two pictures of the Chiropractor coming out to the van to help Jay walk into his office. Dr. LeGat and I are similar in the fact that we couldn't quit laughing. Jay was in so much pain but watching this big guy barely able to walk just stroke a funny bone with us.

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Jay did end up getting a MRI last week. I've spent this last week (Spring break)waiting on Jay hand and foot. Of course, he might not remember the experience quite like that. He did tell me that I should never be a nurse. Guess, he didn't like my laughing and uncaring self.


I know Easter has come and gone (earliest it has ever been in my life time). But I still wanted to share some photos from that day.

I made the little Easter baskets out of one sheet of paper. Aren't they cute?! Tara taught me how to do it when I was over having some girl time at her house.



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Maddie wanted sunglasses similar to mine so she got herself a pair. Just a tad bit big on her but she'll grow into them.