Thursday, November 13, 2008

October's Dr. appointment

I'm sorry to family members that I didn't blog after our last dr. appointment at Dorenbacher's Children Hospital. A few weeks ago we headed up for our every 4 month dr. appointment with Samantha. G'ma kept Andrew and Maddie here that day.
It was a good appointment. Samantha has been on methotraxate for 9 years. At her previous appointment the Dr. weaned her from 3 pills once a week to 2 pills once a week. She didn't do so well for a couple of weeks after being weaned to two pills. But Samantha didn't want me to say anything to the dr. because she hates taking the medicine so much. So, after a couple of weeks she started adjusting to the new dosage.
At this appointment the Dr. thought Samantha was still doing well enough to go down to just one pill. I told him what happened after the last time he reduced her medicine and he told me to let him know if it continues for more than a couple of weeks. Samantha promised to be honest with us about the effects the medicine was having on her.
Again her body didn't do so well being weaned to just one pill. She started having flare ups in her ankles and wrist. After a couple of weeks it seems to have quieted down. She is so happy and hopeful that after taking this medicine for almost her whole life she might be able to be done with it.
She was about 62 pounds and if I remember correctly almost 4'10". She is still the lightest kid she knows for her age. She is content with her small size. The only thing that frustrates her about her size is when people think that her brother is her twin (he is the same height...maybe 1/2" shorter).

Here she is waiting for the Dr. to make his appearance.

Jay and I playing around in the Dr. office. I always look so white compared to Jay.
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Here is Samantha at her March appointment.



At 7:00 PM , Anonymous Lynn said...

Tori knows how Sam feels. Tori has a small frame too, she weighs 52lbs MJ is 5 years younger, but they wear the same size clothes.
Last summer we were buying school supplies for the girls and the clerk asked Tori, who's 10, if she was going into kindergarten.


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