Friday, September 21, 2007

Hi kids! first night

Wow, it is cold on the coast. I did not bring proper clothing for the coast. We stopped at a pull off and decided to take our picture. Jay put the camera on top of the van and tried to run to get in the shot. He "sort of" made it.

We checked out the camp ground for Beverly Beach and made note that it would be a fun place to come camping in the summer time. Then we head on to the casino. The casino hotel was full so we went a 1/4 a mile up the road. Here is our room.

The room has everything (2 queen beds, TV, dvd player, microwave, fridge, couch, fireplace).

Here we are doing what we do best.

We haven't eaten dinner yet and it is almost 9 pm so we are going to take the shuttle to the casino and have dinner. Jay has never been to a casino before. Of course, I have! :) A friend gave us a gift cert. for the casino restaurant. Oh yea, before I forget, when we went by the casino I was wondering if I was dressed okay to go in (flip flops and all)...but I saw men dressed in flannel and women with hoodies on. So, then I knew I was over dressed! :)
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At 7:44 PM , Blogger nsremom said...

yeah, I hear ya on the casino attire. I've been in a few and I'm always a little shocked at the sweet old ladies gambling away all their money! haha. It's just SO far from my grandmothers, it's crazy.

Enjoy your time away!


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