Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hot Air Balloon Experiment

The kids were very interested in how a hot air balloon works after getting to take rides in one.

I gave the kids a bunch of supplies and they created all different types of hot air balloons. We discovered if you leave the basket off, which was a cup, it floated better. The basket would get caught up on the air dryer when it would start to float away.
Cold morning air works best (just like for the "real" hot air balloons).
It was a lot of fun watching the bag fill up with hot air and then float off of the air dryer into the air.
On Saturday Andrew and Jay are going to a hot air balloon festival. The girls and I are going to be Girl Scout camping on the coast. I have the whole time planned out. I will share in another blog afterwards what we did and how it went. I will tell you that I did plan for it to be a Survivor type camping trip with challenges and tribes.
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