Monday, October 01, 2007

2 of the Challenges

Survivor Challenge- Fire (and then eat s’mores) outside

We first had the girls make a fire they can eat (teaching them principals about each competent of the fire).
Then they went outside to make a fire in the pit. It was pitch black outside. Inside the fire pit each tribe got an area to make their fire. They got 3 matches to get the fire going. The tribes went around and collected "wet" materials to get their fires started. We did have a winner on this challenge. The Panthers were able to get their fire started and twigs burning the fastest.

After roasting marshmallows and making S'mores we came back inside the lodge for our next challenge.
Survivor Challenge- Can you sing a Girl Scout song?

Each tribe got up on the "stage" and sang a Girl Scout song (just a verse or two). You couldn't repeat a song another tribe had already sung. This challenge could of gone on all night long because some of the girls knew lots of GS songs.
Below is a picture of the Panthers singing the FROG song.
To read more about our weekend refer here.
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