Monday, October 01, 2007

More Survivor Challenges

Survivor Challenge- PB&J

In this challenge the girls were given 20 index cards to write out exact directions on how to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Then the "She's" read and followed the directions to a "T".

Survivor Challenge- Cat tail (outside)

This challenge took place on top of the big "litter box" (otherwise known as -sand). One girl was the cat and the other members on the team had to run and find the "cat tail". Once they got it they ran back and tied it on to the cat to make a long tail. The poor Panthers were at disadvantage because their "tail" was black (yarn) and it was hard to find them around the camp ground. The Red Dogs took first place.

Survivor Challenge- Group Cooperation Challenge (human caterpillar)

In this challenge the girls had to make a caterpillar with balloons and not using their hands. Once they got their caterpillar connected then they had to go around in a big circle. If the balloon fell or popped then the team had to start over.

For fun we connected all three tribes and had them go around the camp ground. It was funny because some of the "She's" put the balloons under their shirt (because we just said you couldn't use your hands...we didn't say you couldn't use your clothing).
Well that is about it for our Survivor weekend.
You can read more about our challenge:

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