Monday, October 01, 2007

Surivor Challenge- Tribal Art

Survivor Challenge- Tribal Art (create a tribe mascot) have the girls collect leaves, twigs, pine cones and other things

Our next challenge was to create a tribal mascot out of things we could find. I provided the pumpkin or gourd for each tribe and then Sami (Jill's daughter) gave us a tour of Cleawox. This past summer Sami spent several weeks at different camps at Cleawox. She did an awesome job showing us around the camp and explaining how things are run during the summer time. It sounded like fun. We got to see wildlife (newts) which some of the girls were very excited to hold while others wanted nothing to do with it. We also saw this "heart seat" out in the forest.

While taking a tour the girls collected stuff to create their Tribal Mascot.
Panther's Tribal Mascot (it is panther...head, body and tail).

This was the Panda's Tribal Mascot. They even created a spider web on the left side of the picture.

This was the Red Dog's Tribal Mascot. They had two "dogs" for their mascot.

It was fun watching how creative the girls and their "she's" were with what they found through out the camp ground.

To see more about this camping trip...go here and here.
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At 4:09 PM , Blogger nsremom said...

Those were totally creative. What fun.


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