Sunday, January 27, 2008

Andrew's Gymnastics - Westside Classic

Andrew's Gymnastics

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

WFMW: Bread Bowls

Today is WFMW over at Shannon's blog. If you want more tips you can check out her blog.

My kids like to use bread bowls for their chili. I buy a two pack of bread bowls at the local grocery store bakery.


Then I angle a serrated knife and cut around the top (like pumpkin).


I pull out the extra "dough" and fill the bowl with chili and top it with cheese. Yummy! The kids like eating the "inners" of the bread bowl.


Give it a try if you are looking at making dinner or lunch more fun. :)
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Weekend in-review

Friday was haircut day. Andrew has to get his hair cut every 6 weeks because it grows so much and then it begins to look like a puffy ball on his head. I wanted him to get a high and tight and Andrew told Kim (hairdresser) to give him a military cut. We've never done that before because we don't like the look but I usually let the kids do what they want in regards to hair cuts. He was shocked when she was done because he thought that would give him a flat top. Maddie let him know several times that she hates his hair. It will grow!

Jay, Andrew and I spent the weekend in Portland (girls at G'ma's house) so we could go to Andrew's gym meet. It was his first meet of the season. And his first meet as a level 6.

The next two pictures are us a TGIF's waiting for our food before the meet. Jay and Andrew are doing their Blue Man look.


He was the only one in his age division for his level. He is competing in the 8 to 9 age division (determined by your by age on Sept. 1st). The next age division had a lot more boys in it (10 to 11 age group). So, he took 1st place on everything. So, he got a gold medal for getting first place All Around. His coach is "admiring" his medal! :)
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Know & Tell Friday 1-17-08

To Know Him does a weekly Know & Tell Friday. I'm joining in on the fun this week. Below are the questions she has asked and I have answered. :)

Question 1
Which is worse? Being gossiped about or being lied to?
Both of these deal with betrayal. And either way both are hard to imagine anyone doing that to you. But if I had to pick one I guess being gossiped about because gossip is like the Veggie Tale movie- A Rumor Weed. And once it starts it keeps spreading and growing.

Question 2
I see that a lot of ladies out there in blogville are "Starbucks" gals... What is your favorite "Starbucks" drink?
I'm not a Starbuck fan. I don't like coffee but if I get something to drink there I always get a soy hot chocolate (lactose intolerant).

Question 3
Name an embarrassing moment (Make it good).
We went camping with a group of geocachers. And we really don't know any of these people. I had decided to take our big dog for a run. I jumped on my bike and started riding with her running alongside me. I had to ride in front of a group of geocacher guys. They were all watching me and the next thing I know I was pulled off the bike and laying on the ground. The dog had decided to stop and take a poo. But I was so self-conscious as I rode my bike in front of these guys that I stopped paying attention to the dog running next to me. I was so humiliated as the dog relieved herself in front of these guys as I picked up myself and the bike off the ground. Then the guys started heckling me by saying- "make sure you clean that up". I was wishing the ground would open up and swallow me up. I do have to say after that weekend we all became friends and have stayed friends for the last 5 years. They all like to bring up this embarrassing moment to whenever they see me (we live a couple hours away from most of them).

Question 4
I figure that most of us ladies out there are bargain shoppers and that we find ways to save money, but what is one thing that you don't mind spending your bucks on?
I won't skimp on buying brand name of Very Vanilla soy milk or Chocolate soy milk. I always buy Silk. That is my little splurge.

Bonus Questions
Question 5
Is it hard for you to ask some to forgive you when you have wronged them?
Yes, because I have to admit that I was wrong. Being an only child I don't like being wrong or told that I'm wrong. So, I need to work on this area.

Give one of your best parenting tips...something that you have learned through experience.
When the kids were toddlers I had a color for each kid. Samantha always had purple or pink blankies or cups. Andrew always had blue or green blankies or cups. Maddie always had yellow. Since the cups and blankies all looked the same this cut down on fighting and crying over blankies and cups.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fox Look-alike Meter

Okay, so, now I know it is true...they aren't my kids because none of them look like me. :) Andrew informed me that they don't look like me because I'm adopted. LOL! I'm an adopted mom! Why can't one of them look like me? I always hear how they look like there dad and now this proves it.

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free genealogy

Fox Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

Fox Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free family websites

Line Rider

Check this one out Andrew!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday- 1st time

My Life as Annie is hosting Time Travel Tuesday.

This is my first time participating.
The questions this Tuesday are:
Where do you see yourself in five years? In 5 years my kids will be 16 and able to drive! yikes My next child will be 15 and able to get his driver's permit. double yikes And my last child will be 13 years old which will mean I will have all teenagers! I hope that I will still be homeschooling all three of them.
Will you be living where you live now? Hmmm....I will say yes only because I hate change.
What's going on in your life five years from now??? I'm still a stay at home mom, teaching all three kids and running them to their activities. Also I'm teaching 2 of them to drive. Or maybe that will be Jay teaching them to drive. I'm still a scout leader for two Girl Scout troops. And I'm traveling all over to watch my son compete in gymnastics. Jay and I are busy doing some kind of hobby together (like when we use to geocache when the kids were younger).

Monday, January 14, 2008

Excuse me, what did you just say?!!!

NOTE TO FOX clicking on this video!
Everyone else it is okay to click.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Level 6


I caught this picture while Andrew was waiting his turn to do the vault.

This year (since summer) Andrew has been training for level 6. There are 10 levels of gymnastics with level 10 being the top level. At each level there are age divisions. The division is determined by your age on Sept. 1st. Andrew will be competing in the 8-9 year old division. To see more about the levels and age divisions check out the website that Jay created for the gym.

Last year Andrew was a level 5 gymnast. The highest meet he could qualify was Regionals. A gymnast can only qualify at State for Regionals. A level 5 gymnast had to get a 48 for a score.

We traveled to Idaho for Regionals. It was a long drive but a lot of fun.

This year as a level 6 Andrew will need to get 44 at State (which is in March) to qualify.

Yesterday to kick off the season (Jan thru April)the gym hosted an exhibition meet. It is the only meet that is held in town and it allowed families and friends to come watch without having to travel all over the State to see their gymnast compete.

In the video you will see Andrew get a low score for high bar. He told us he had to go the bathroom....hmmmm....looks like he forgot some of his routine.

I love watching mens gymnastics. It is fun to see the strength and flexibility. This summer is the Summer Olympics. Men's gymnastics is one of the most watched sports at the Olympics.

We are looking forward to watching more of Andrew's gymnastics this season.
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Andrew's Gymnastics

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Implant surgery


Above is a picture of my mouth after they extracted my tooth. Jay took a picture with his iphone of the computer screen and I cropped it down so you didn't get all my personal my info.

If you don't remember all my tooth drama from this summer here are the links to catch you up.

Yesterday I had implant surgery. I went in at 9:30 a.m. for the surgery. I'm so glad they put me under again for this procedure. Beside the rod in my mouth (drilled into my cheek bone) I also have stitches.

Yesterday my Mom and Jay took off of work to take care of me and the kids. My mom ran Samantha to her math class and helped Maddie and Andrew with their school work. Jay was incharge of me. :)

Today, I'm by myself with the kids. I'm still in bed in my pj's catching cat naps when I can get a quiet moment. I woke up lastnight in a lot of pain. Jay was so sweet when he got up this morning he made me breakfast in bed with a side order of antibiotics and painkillers.

The kids are restless today. So, parenting from my bed isn't the easiest thing.

So, I'm taking all kinds of meds and I have all kinds of rules of what not to do for the next 4 months while the implant heals.
NO: chips or crunchy food
NO: chewy food (like steak or pot roast)
NO: sonicare toothbrush
NO: lifting

This is to hopefully avoid me knocking the implant out. The big bummer about this whole procedure is it is not covered by insurance and the procedure is not guaranteed to take. But it has a 90% rate of working.
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Backwards Edition of WFMW- The Cat's Water

This week Rocks In My Dryer is hosting a Backwards Edition of WFMW. This means I get to ask a question and then readers give me helpful tips.

This problem drives me batty (or should I say "catty"). The cat's water is always getting ruined because the cats drop pieces of their food in it. What is up with that? I will spare you a picture of soggy cat food floating in their water.

I've tried moving the water dish a few feet away from the food bowl but they still seem to think it is okay to drop a piece or two into the water bowl. And to answer your next question- "no, they don't eat it after it drops in the water dish!" Actually they won't drink out of their water dish once it has been contaminated by soggy cat food. Instead the cats get into the sink to get a drink. Which I don't want to encourage.

How do you deal with this at your household?


Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Eve


Above is a picture of Samantha and G'ma.

This is how we spent New Year's Eve:

Jay watched the Duck football game.

The girls and I went shopping. Samantha and I spent our Bath and Body Works gift cards.

Then Andrew had early gym that day. He got home around 6 pm.

We ate appetizers for dinner (curly fries, little smokies, pepperoni and cheese with crackers, shrimp and so on)

Afterwards we played two games: Uno Attack and Racko.

After playing games we watched High School Musical 2

Then we watched the ball drop

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: wrapping paper

It is Works for Me Wednesday again and I'm going to show you how to keep your wrapping paper from getting ruined when you put away for next year.


Take an old pair of nylons or tights. Cut the leg off and put the wrapping paper in the leg hole. Then just tie a knot at the top. No more getting out your Christmas wrapping paper and finding it all wrinkled and ruined.

I used my girls old tights for this project.

To find more WFMW check out Rocks In My Dryer.
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Shoe Fairy 2008

This is our 2nd year of the Shoe Fairy coming to visit our house.
Tonight the kids put their shoes out.

Here is what the shoe fairy left the kids.

To find out more about the Shoe Fairy.
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